Collaboration between Credion and Flinqer

Flinqer is a leader in the field of innovative solutions in the financial supply chain. Credion and Flinqer have signed a collaboration agreement to make Flinqer’s solutions available to SMEs.

By working together, Credion and Flinqer help SMEs improve payment conditions within the supply chain and prevent unnecessary cash stagnation.

Strong supply chain

Suppliers benefit from accelerated payments. With Flinqer, cash flows faster though the supply chain. The improved cash flow ensures greater investment capacity for the suppliers, which in turn facilitates better growth for/of their customers.

About Flinqer

Since 2012, Flinqer has been active in several sectors of the Dutch market, including retail and construction. Recently, NIBC bank strategically invested in Flinqer. “Since the beginning, NIBC has mainly focused on medium-sized companies that value our enterprising and inventive approach. By investing into the fintech, Flinqer, we are further expanding our portfolio.”, said Paulus de Wit, CEO of NIBC.


With the collaboration, Credion can offer solutions which were previously reserved for large corporations. Flinqer’s solutions are a unique opportunity for SMEs to benefit from better cash management in the supply chain.

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