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“We view our suppliers as strategic partners whom we would like to offer an extra channel for their working capital. At the same time, by paying invoices early in exchange for a discount we receive a better return on cash than with a bank. Via the Flinqer platform we can better match the liquidity positions of our suppliers with ours, in a responsible manner.”
Bart Oprel
Bart Oprel CFO Detailresult
“NIBC has always focused primarily on medium-sized companies that value our entrepreneurial and inventive approach. Healthy companies are able to invest and grow, generating jobs and contributing to economic growth. We support the engine of the Dutch economy by providing expert advice, customised financing and capital market solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. With this investment in FinTech Flinqer, we are expanding our service offering.”
Paulus de Wildt
Paulus de Wildt CEO NIBC Bank
“In the construction industry, the demand for liquidity is high. Our strong cash position allows us to accelerate cash flows within our supply chain. Because of that, our suppliers have an extra channel for working capital, while we benefit from a good return on cash.”
Bob Post
Bob Post CFO Dura Vermeer
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