Benefit from dynamic discounting

Via Flinqer Dynamic Discounting buyers maximize their benefits from early-payment discounts. Invoices can be paid early on daily basis against favorable returns on cash. Flinqer Dynamic Discounting is a great opportunity for any business.

The Flinqer way

Flinqer Dynamic Discounting is the advanced way of taking early-payment discounts where every day matters. Using a sliding discount scale from invoice date to invoice due date, there is always an incentive for buyers to pay invoices early. No more ‘hit’ or ‘miss’ an early-payment opportunity in the classic way, but always get a fair discount. Even if you are already working with classic single-tier discounts, Flinqer generally more than doubles your captured discounts today.

The Flinqer platform easily connects with any ERP system to allow you to share approved invoices for early payment. Just like with payment terms, early-payment discount settings are set on supplier level. Each supplier gets a free Flinqer account to view pending invoices and payments and retrieve the remittance details to complete their accounting.

Flinqer platform

Buyers can manage the account settings and decide whether supplier invoices should be paid automatically or that suppliers should have the opportunity to select invoices individually. In addition, Flinqer Dynamic Discounting offers many more settings to further optimize your payment terms with suppliers.

Next to the platform, we provide you with actual field experience that is needed to implement the program successfully across your businesses. Our experts support you on your supplier approach or any legal or tax matter that may apply based on where your business and/or suppliers are located. Furthermore, we have a broad understanding of early-payment discounts in different markets and will be your knowledge partner going forward.


Analyze your supplier base

If you would like to better understand the full range of opportunities of Flinqer Dynamic Discounting, please feel free to contact us for more information. We also offer you free of charge the possibility to analyse supplier and base; it will show you how competitive your trade terms are and what the tangible benefits are when using Flinqer Dynamic Discounting.

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