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Flinqer has emerged from the fact that today’s cash flow between businesses is far from optimal. Static payment conditions in the supply chain lock-up cash and limit growth opportunities.

Buying companies may focus primarily on generating operating cash needed for future investments, but may at the same not have the right opportunities readily available to make good returns on the cash generated. Redundant cash may pile-up into a deposit or alternatively is forced into dividends and share-buy-back programs to satisfy shareholders.

At the same time, supplying companies, who are in some cases confronted with long payment terms, have little flexibility in their receivable payments and are forced to look for traditional routes of financing from banks. It is even more prominent to small companies as their alternative sources of financing are limited.

Flinqer helps businesses to strengthen their supply chain by making cash flow. From corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises, Flinqer can have an impact on any business.

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Cash flows can be better used today between businesses. With Flinqer, businesses together make it happen. Cash flows where it needs to be.

The Flinqer platform is the perfect way for buyers and suppliers to optimize their cash flows. Flinqer enables buyers and suppliers to work together to financially strengthen their supply chain. Built on the foundations of great returns and improved working capital, Flinqer truly helps small and large businesses.

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As with our buyers and suppliers, we believe in strong partnerships with our partners. Flinqer works together with selected partners to build the next generation of our solutions.

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