Control your payables

Does your business have the tools in place to get real insight in your trade payables? Flinqer gives you the insight you need to control your payables in a better way.

From the experience of working together with many businesses, we know that many businesses do not yet have the visibility they want on payment terms or invoice cycle times. Flinqer gives you that real-time insight in your trade payables. We hand buyers a single dashboard that can be tailored with a few clicks to your specific needs on levels like suppliers, invoices, payment conditions or payments.

Pay Early

See instantly how much you can earn by paying the invoices of your suppliers before their original due date.

Invoices overview

The Flinqer data overview provides you with real-time and historical insights into your payables, payment terms, and discount potential.

Request a demo

If you want to see more of our dashboards, feel free to contact us any time for a demo. For more information on cash management or payment terms, just go to Manage your cash effectively and Payment terms. Are you interested in what your suppliers see? Just visit to our supplier page.

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