Game changers in logistics

When looking at the major changes markets and economies have been facing over the last decade or so, logistics has been on the forefront of almost all of them.

Whether it is about the race for the last mile to deliver goods from warehouses or stores directly to consumer, or about globalization and the rise of new economies, which created many new supply routes, logistics has been the critical success factor.

Increasing complexity

Logistic processes in the supply chain have become increasingly complex due to these changes.

Fulfillment providers and other logistics companies have taken a leading role in the distribution and storage of goods, pushed by new customer demands beyond traditional boundaries.

Optimal payment conditions

Flinqer supports financial flows in the supply chain. Whether invoices need to be paid directly by the purchaser or via intermediary parties such as logistic service providers, Flinqer can help establish the most optimal payment conditions. Once invoices are approved for payment, Flinqer cloud-based platform automatically applies the right payment terms and initiates payment to suppliers.

The great thing about Flinqer is that it does not impact your buy-to-pay processes and there is no need for invoices to be redirected.

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