Complex supply chains

Manufacturing is facing increasingly complex supply chains. Rapid response to market developments and changes in demand are the driving force.

Globalization, larger product offerings, mass customization, shorter lead times, and on top of it cost-out are key topics that have crossed many manufacturing businesses in recent years.

Next generation manufacturers

The ability to deal with several of these challenges simultaneously has shaped businesses into next generation manufacturers. For many manufacturers this has put additional pressure on their supply chain. Suppliers have been critical in accommodating the dynamic shift of resources and activities to facilitate the changing market conditions.

Working capital challenges

Flinqer supports a broad range of manufacturers. From consumer goods to industrial manufacturing, Flinqer cloud-based solutions are tailored to the needs of manufacturers with different supply chains. Whether you are in automotive business, construction, chemicals, or high-tech, Flinqer can easily tap into the large majority of your supply base by offering practical solutions for your trade payables. Optimizing payment terms, lowering invoice-to-pay cycles and reducing costs of sold goods are proven results of successfully run Flinqer programs.

At Flinqer, we understand the dynamics of supply chains and the relationships between manufacturers and their increasingly international supply base. We build stronger supply chains and allow your suppliers to invest more into your business.

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