What is not changing in retail today?

Retail has been never been as challenging as it is today. The retail industry is changing faster than ever before.

No longer can anything be taken for granted in retail and wholesale. Online shopping is replacing part of traditional brick-and-mortar stores and new retail concepts hit the market almost every day.


Besides innovations such as new online marketplaces, seamless customer journeys and immediate deliveries put additional pressure on the supply chain. Many of the new retail concepts require new innovative thinking throughout the supply chain. Wholesalers are becoming strategic partners in fulfillment to give the perfect customer experience on drop-shipments, returns and so on.

Sourcing has become extremely dynamic due to the ever-changing supply base. Rapidly changing product offerings and customer service concepts push the procurements teams beyond traditional boundaries.

Working capital challenges

With Flinqer, retailers and wholesalers are able to quickly respond  to working capital challenges throughout the supply chain. By optimizing payment conditions and handing flexibility, suppliers can free-up cash and make the necessary investments that support the innovative retail concepts of their customers.

Flinqer solutions for retailers and wholesalers can be used for almost any type of product or service and throughout the entire global supply base.

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