No classic supply chain

As companies providing services generally do not have a classic supply chain in the core of their business, each service company has a different view of their supply base.

Your business may consider information technology highly critical to your daily business operations, while other service companies believe staffing or marketing are essential supplies to their business.

Healthy cash flow

For service companies, it may not always be clear  what a healthy cash flow means to each of their suppliers. This could potentially lead to sudden disruptions in the delivery of goods or services. If you run a service business, your indirect supply base can be diverse and large. For that reason, it may not be as transparent as you would like it to be.

In addition, supplier ownership may be dispersed over multiple people in your business. This could make it complex for the procurement team to manage it.

Suppliers matter

At Flinqer, we believe that any supplier, large or small, matters to a business. Even though some supplies are more critical than others, each supplies important goods or services to your business. We understand how an indirect supply base can be quite diverse and , in some cases, complex to handle. Flinqer can offer a single solution for your entire base, helping you reduce complexity and increase control.

Most importantly, we have the broad industry experience required to make it work. Whether you are in financial services, such as banking or insurance, or you are in the media & entertainment business, we get why your business is different. However, we also like to benchmark when it comes to payment conditions. We see what can be learned from other service businesses which we are very familiar with,  like information technology, facilities, staffing, engineering, consulting, education and healthcare.

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