Manage your cash effectively

Deploy your cash the way you want it. Flinqer gives you maximum flexibility on cash utilization while keeping control over your working capital. Our intelligent tools help you to make better decisions on cash deployment.

For many companies it is not that easy to manage cash in an effective way. At some point you may end up with an excess of cash, but at that same time do not have the right-away opportunity deploy it in an effective way.

Favorable returns

With Flinqer, we hand you the tooling to get more insight into your trade payables and give you the opportunities to pay invoices early on a favorable return. Whether it is better insight in your trade terms, your cash outflow or the early-payment discounts you capture, the Flinqer dashboard for buyers shows your trade payables from various angles. It also easily allows you to personalize the graphs to focus cash management and returns on cash.

Cash management tool

With our optional cash management tool, we give you an additional opportunity to use the early payment options to suppliers in such a way that it has a limited impact on your own working capital. It gives you the possibility to still meet your working capital goals while giving the relief of early payment to those suppliers that are in the most urgent need of cash. It is flexible, easy to use and gives you always multiple alternatives to decide which payments you would like to advance.

Request a demo

If you want to learn more about how buyers can manage their cash in Flinqer, we are more than happy to show you a demo. Just go to our contact page and request a demo. Feel also free to take a look at our Trade payables control and Payment terms solutions for additional info on how to control and optimize your trade terms with suppliers.

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