Privacy Statement- Flinqer B.V.

This Privacy Statement applies to all personal data processed by Flinqer B.V. (hereafter referred to as “Flinqer”) in regard to its clients, subscribers and anyone who, for any reason, provides Flinqer with their personal data (hereafter referred to as “Data Subject”).

In case you become a client of Flinqer, or for any reason provide Flinqer with your personal data, you give explicit consent for Flinqer to process your personal data in line with this Privacy Statement.

1. The responsible party

Flinqer is responsible for the processing of personal data of Data Subject.
Flinqer is located at Goeman Borgesiuslaan 77, 3515 ET Utrecht.
CoC registration number: 34382349
Flinqer can be contacted either via email:, or via the phone: +31 (0)85 0645538

2. What personal data is used and for what purposes

2.1 In the framework of Flinqer account, the following personal data is processed:

  1. First and last name
  2. Gender
  3. Company mobile number and company email address
  4. Job title

In case you are signed up for Flinqer newsletters, factsheet, or other mailings, the following personal data is processed:

  1. First and last name
  2. Gender
  3. Company mobile number and company email address
  4. Job title

2.2 Flinqer processes the above-mentioned personal data for the following purposes:

(a) Your first and last name, job title, company mobile and company email address are used to contact you regarding Flinqer services.

(b) In case you created a Flinqer account using your company email address, your company email address will be used to track your activity on the Flinqer platform.

(c) Your gender will be used to determine salutation for communication purposes.

2.3 E-mail opt-out:
Flinqer uses your first and last name and email address to send emails regarding Flinqer  services and other relevant information relating to Flinqer services. You can opt-out from receiving emails by sending an email to

3. How long is personal data stored for

Flinqer shall not store your personal data longer than is needed to fulfill its obligation to you as a client, subscriber, as well as any legal obligations.

4. Security measures and processors

4.1 To protect your personal data Flinqer has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures.

4.2 For the processing of personal data Flinqer makes use of third-party services, so-called Processors. Flinqer has Processor agreements with its Processors which strictly comply with GDPR.

5. Right of access, right to be forgotten, questions and complaints

5.1 Via the previously mentioned contact details of Flinqer, you can submit a request to get a copy of your personal data, to change or to remove your personal data. Flinqer will handle your request within 4 weeks.

5.2 In case you want to object against (further) processing of your personal data as described in section 2, you can also contact Flinqer.

5.3 In case you have questions or comments regarding this Privacy Statement, feel free to email Flinqer at

6. Amendments

Flinqer reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement. Amendments to Privacy Statement will be published on Flinqer website.

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