Shorten your invoice-to-pay cycle

Businesses are always seeking for simpler buy-to-pay processes. Flinqer experts give you the hands-on approach with the latest Lean Six-Sigma techniques that you need to bring your invoice-to-pay cycle to the next level.

Where you may have focused before on simplifying your buy-to-pay process driven by cost reductions, you may not have come to the realization that shorter invoice-to-pay cycle times actually can make money for your business.

Dynamic discounting

With Flinqer Dynamic Discounting any day counts in your invoice-to-pay cycle. When invoices get received, posted and approved quicker, it allows you to pay suppliers quicker and in return take a higher early-payment discount. It works both ways, later payment fewer discounts and faster payment more discounts. No longer have you needed to watch your cycle times against invoice due dates, but focus on true process improvements by actually approving invoices as fast as you can.

Identify bottlenecks

How does Flinqer help you on this? With the benchmarks that we have and our Lean Six-Sigma approach, we support you with very practical techniques that bring your invoice-to-pay cycle to the next level. We analyze your supplier base, not just overall, but take a deep dive and work with you on individual supplier levels. It gives you insight into where bottlenecks actually occur, what the root cause of those are and how we are going to solve them.

Simplifying your buy-to-pay process is not only about reducing cycle times. It is also about creating an environment in which suppliers become self-sufficient, so it reduces the workload of your account payable team. With Flinqer you can truly empower your suppliers and reduce the number of supplier inquiries. All of your suppliers can get free access to the Flinqer platform allowing them to view the status of their invoices and payments.

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